GFortran in Cygwin1.7.1 for DDSCAT

For DDSCAT 7 users, the makefile needs gfortran. On window os, Gfortran can be installed in Cygwin 1.7.1 by installing “GCC4-fortran” package. It installs a exe file named “gfotran-4.exe” in the “xyz\cygwin\bin”. So my makefile compiler options are as follows:

# 1.  gfortran compiler
#     sp + no MKL + no OpenMP + no MPI
# define the following:
CXFFTMKL.f    = cxfft3_mkl_fake.f90
CXFFTMKL.o    = cxfft3_mkl_fake.o
MKLM        =
DOMP        =
OPENMP        =
MPI.f        = mpi_fake.f90
MPI.o        = mpi_fake.o
DMPI        =
FC        = gfortran-4
FFLAGS        = -O2
LFLAGS         =

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