Resources on Electromagnetics/Plasmonics/Nanophotonics

These are some resources on Electromagnetics/plasmonics/nanophotonics

I will maintain a list of free resources on electromagnetics, plasmonics, nanophotonics, optics and other related topics here. If any of you (readers) know any other free resources related to this topic, please let me know and I can add into these lists.

Free books:

  1. Electromagnetic waves and Antennas by Prof. Sophocles J. Orfanidis
  2. Surface plasmons by Smooth and Rough surfaces by Heinz Raether (Note: This book is hosted by Prof. Shalaev’s on Nanophotonics & Metamaterials course website).
  3. Photonic Crystals:Molding the Flow of Light by John D. Joannopoulos, Steven G. Johnson, Joshua N. Winn, and Robert D. Meade. This can be downloaded from their website.  This book is must for anyone interested in photonic crystals and for serious readers, purchasing the book is definitely worth it (I have a copy).
  4. Physics of Light and Waves by Justin Peatross and MichaelWare. You can also  buy a printed copy which covers the printing here
  5. Electromagnetic Field Theory by Bo Thidé
  6. Scattering, Absorption and Emission of Light by Small Particles by Micheal I Mishchenko, Larry D. Travis,  and Andrew A. Lacis available at their website
  7. Frederick Wooten, Optical Properties of Solids, Academic Press, New York, 49, (1972). This book is shared on Dr. Roger French website and focuses on dielectrics of metals.

Free course material:

  1. Nanophotonics by Prof. Valdamir Shalev (Purdue University)
  2. Nanophotonics by Prof. Albert Polman (Center for Nanophotonics, FOM-Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam)
  3. Advanved Optical Materials by Georg von Freymann, Stefan Linden on Prof. Martin Wegener group.
  4. Opt. Prop. of Nanostructured Materials by Prof. Peter Kik (CREOL, UCF)
  5. Fundamentals of Optical Science by Prof. Peter Kik (CREOL, UCF)

Online Simulation tools:

  1. Nmie Tool. Calculates the extinction, scattering, and absorption efficiencies of single nanoparticle (1 layer), core-shell Nanoparticle (2 layer) and nanomatryushka nanoparticle (3 layer). I have blogged about it here.
  2. PhotonicsDB: Nanohub tool to download experimental and theoretical data on dielectric constants of metals (Ag, Au, etc.)
  3. Simulation of Bowtie Nanoantennas using MEEP FDTD software
  4. Nanooptics Lab center: Calculates the absorption, scattering, and extinction spectra of spherical nanoparticles
  5. Nanosphere Optics Lab Field Simulator. Calculates fields and efficiencies of spherical nanoparticles
  6. Refractive index databaseRefractive index database for crystals, metals, etc

Free Optical tools

  1. Freesnell. This tool calculates various optical properties such as transmission, reflection and absorption of multi-layer thin films.

2 thoughts on “Resources on Electromagnetics/Plasmonics/Nanophotonics

  1. We are developing ScattPy, a Python package for calculation of optical characteristics of axi-symmetric particles using the separation of vaiables (SVM), extended boundary condition (EBCM) and point matching (PMM) methods. Homogeneous and multilayered regualar shaped particles with sizes of the same order as the wavelength are handled.
    Several methods for small particles will be added soon.

    You may be interested in it.


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