Beamer Themes

One can use Beamer to make high quality presentations using Latex code. To know more about beamer and its capabilities visit here and here. Beamer comes with a set of default templates. However,it has capability to design new themes. Here, I will maintain a list of beamer themes shared by beamer users. If you know any that are not listed below, please let me know and I can add here for the greater good.

Shortcuts in Ubuntu/Gnome

ctrl + alt + l locks the user screen. ctrl+alt+del Logout ctrl-h : show hidden files ctrl-t : move to trash f9 : toggle side-pane in file/folder manger alt-home : jump to home folder alt-enter : file / folder properties alt-f1 : launch applications menu alt-f2 : launch “run application” dialogue ctrl-alt – right/left arrow : move to the next virtual desktop ctrl-alt-shift – right/left arrow : take current window to the next virtual desktop ctrl+a – select all ctrl+n – new window ctrl+shift+n – new folder f2 – rename Source:

Dynamic Exciton-Plasmon Coupling

Our paper titled “Dynamically Tuning Plasmon-Exciton Coupling in Arrays of Nanodisk-J-aggregate Complexes” has been accepted as front cover image of Advanced Materials . In this work, we demonstrated the dynamic tuning of plasmon-exciton resonant coupling in arrays of nanodisk–J-aggregate complexes. The angle-resolved spectra of an array of bare Au nanodisks exhibited continuous shifting of localized surface plasmon resonances and this characteristic enabled the production of real-time, controllable spectral overlaps between molecular resonance and plasmonic resonance. In this work we explored resonant interaction strength as a function of spectral overlap. In experiments where we changed the incident angle of a probe Read More …


I am playing with Python for the first time. The syntax seems to be so natural. So many modules (numpy, scipy and matplotlib) for researchers/scientists. Cannot see any shortcoming at this point. Perhaps need more testing and implementation. Some questions I am looking answers for: Is it faster than Fortran? If not faster, can it do everything Matlab does, such as availability of host of toolboxes?

Plot on your wordpress pages/posts using gnuplot plugin

One can insert a gnuplot plot on any of the wordpress post/page by installing gnuplot plugin version 1.1 for wordpress available here. NOTE: I am not sure whether this plugin can plot from a data file. If you any of you readers can do it, please let me know. As of today, the search of this plugin on wordpress only shows version 1 of this plugin. However version 1.1 is more advanced as it does need gnuplot installed on your webserver. To install this plugin: Copy the file ( gnuplot plugin ) in you wp-content/plugins directory, and rename to .php Read More …

Resources on Electromagnetics/Plasmonics/Nanophotonics

These are some resources on Electromagnetics/plasmonics/nanophotonics I will maintain a list of free resources on electromagnetics, plasmonics, nanophotonics, optics and other related topics here. If any of you (readers) know any other free resources related to this topic, please let me know and I can add into these lists. Free books: Electromagnetic waves and Antennas by Prof. Sophocles J. Orfanidis Surface plasmons by Smooth and Rough surfaces by Heinz Raether (Note: This book is hosted by Prof. Shalaev’s on Nanophotonics & Metamaterials course website). Photonic Crystals:Molding the Flow of Light by John D. Joannopoulos, Steven G. Johnson, Joshua N. Winn, and Robert D. Meade. This can be downloaded from their Read More …

Surface Plasmons (SP’s)

Surface plasmons (SP’s) are electromagnetic waves that propagate at the interface between metals (such as Ag, Au ) and dielectric material. Here I have simulated the propagation of surface plasmons on Ag-air interface, the color indicates the magnitude of electric field (blue for positive and red for negative).  I have used MEEP  (a FDTD program that solves for Maxwells equations on numerical grid) to simulate these electric field distribution of these special waves. The source for SP’s is a point dipole and is placed at the center. It is easier to excite SP’s in numerical simulation, however to excite them Read More …