DDSCAT and electric field at plasmon resonance

Discrete Dipole Approximation (DDA) is an important tool in plasmonics research. Using DDA, one can calculate scattering properties of nanoparticles at various wavelengths, polarizations and surrounding medium. The specialty of DDA is that one can calculate scattering properties of irregular shape particles (particles other than spheroids). DDA is based on representing a particle into a set of interacting dipoles and solving their dipole moments such that they are all self-conistent with each other and are linked by far-field and near-field interactions. Once these dipole moments are calculated, they can be used to calculate scattering properties such as scattering efficiency, absorption Read More …

GFortran in Cygwin1.7.1 for DDSCAT

For DDSCAT 7 users, the makefile needs gfortran. On window os, Gfortran can be installed in Cygwin 1.7.1 by installing “GCC4-fortran” package. It installs a exe file named “gfotran-4.exe” in the “xyz\cygwin\bin”. So my makefile compiler options are as follows: # 1.  gfortran compiler #     sp + no MKL + no OpenMP + no MPI # define the following: PRECISION    = dp CXFFTMKL.f    = cxfft3_mkl_fake.f90 CXFFTMKL.o    = cxfft3_mkl_fake.o MKLM        = DOMP        = OPENMP        = MPI.f        = mpi_fake.f90 MPI.o        = mpi_fake.o DMPI        = FC        = gfortran-4 FFLAGS        = -O2 LFLAGS         =