Creating Energy Band Diagrams for Solar cells and LED

Energy band diagrams are used to visulize the electron and hole transport in Solar cells and LED. I want to quickly draw them and came up with a python module.

You can download the module at my github repository.

Here’s an example on how to use this code.

from Band_diagram import metal, semiconductor, plot

# # Define the metals and semiconductors. Here wf is the work function of metals, cb is conduction band minimum and vb is valance band maximum wrt to vacuum level

ITO = metal(wf = -5.2, name= 'ITO')
p_nio = semiconductor(cb = -1.85, vb = -5.49, name = 'P-NIO')
p3HT = semiconductor(cb = -3, vb = -5.0, name = 'P3HT')
PCBM = semiconductor(cb = -4, vb = -6.5, name = 'PCBM')
ZnO = semiconductor(cb = -4.2, vb = -7.5, name = 'ZnO')
LiF_Al = metal(wf=-3.7, name = 'LiF/Al')

## Create the stack
stack = [ITO,p_nio,p3HT,PCBM,ZnO,LiF_Al]

## plot the stack and save it
plot(stack, filepath = 'Images/Stack1.png')

will result in

Energy Band diagram of organic solar cell

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