Plasmon Resonance in Nanospheres


5 thoughts on “Plasmon Resonance in Nanospheres

  1. Can you tell me how to draw figure like that and what software can draw it. I use matlab to draw near field data, but the picture I get is blur.Thank you.

  2. Hi Xing,

    First, the field is generated by ddscat, I used lot of dipoles to get good image.

    Second, I use pcolor and shading interp in MATLAB/octave for nice smoothing.

    Thanks for interest in my work.

  3. I really need help to simulate LSPR (absorption spectra) for spherical Au NP in quartz. Can you help me with ideas on how to go about this? I’m new to meep and have been studying your codes. Still find things hard. BTW your website is very helpful.

  4. Dear Dr Bala
    Thanks for your code. I understand its written for a 60nm diameter Spherical Au NP in Air. How can one change the ambient dielectric from air to say water? I’ve not seen anything in the ddscat.par file that takes care of ambient dielectric and the lattice spacing, d. I’ll greatly appreciate your assistance here.

  5. Dear Bala,

    I appreciate you posting some of your work. I have a question regarding your images of the electric fields of the silver nanoparticle. The mode you plot here appears to be the the magnitude of the electric field |E|, for the dipole resonance. I am curious if you know how to include the (+) and (-) phase of the field so that you see the actual dipole as opposed to the symmetric field.

    Thanks for any help!

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